The Room

The yellow lights of the deluxe room set ablaze my longing for you. Slowly treading the ivory shaded tiles on the floor, I wished for your feet to emulate my steps. But your feet, along with your body were somewhere far away. As the cold, hard floor began to force icy waves up my soles,…

Tired of Social Media Bashing in the World?Me Too.

From very subtle things like posting bitchy messages in WhatsApp statuses for ‘that one special person’ to vocal, explicit internet-shaming, the people occupying today’s world have definitely performed or been the recipients of social media bashing.


a dollop of butter, I spread on her skin and traced my fingers along her buttered chest her body lured me with its delicious smell and I found my lips lingering on her smooth shoulders She was curvy and appealing I felt wetness spread in my mouth she never tasted so good before maybe because…

the outcast

creating waves of mystery
that crashed on to my imperfectly perfect brows
and trailed down my ice cold cheeks
and across my blood red lips.

The First Time. (Part Three)

My phone’s buzzing. Be patient, babe. I’ll be there soon. As I take a final look at myself before I leave, I realise something. My inners aren’t sexy enough. Shit.

The First Time. (Part 1)

With rock hard nipples and thighs that shuddered under the cold, I waited with my eyes closed for sleep to take me away into the land of dreams.

Her Journey Begins

The little angel with jet black hair
Masked her beauty with an unkempt self
Her torn petticoat was all she had
Apart from the locket that belonged to her mother.

The Wronged Gives Birth to a Wronged

Amidst this chaos, a little human was being evicted
She was sucked into a passage that was constricted
She listened for the voice of her carrier
But the shrieks she heard became a barrier.